Our Business

We operate throughout the South Wales region, with three areas of business:


Our portfolio of housing offers tenants on low incomes or funded by Local Housing Allowance a good quality housing option.

Properties are either self-contained for a single tenant or shared, with more than one person living together. Household bills are managed in a single payment and we have the capbilty to deliver supported living services to some of our tenants.


Not enough affordable housing is being built to meet the demand set by single people and familes. Gower Capital funds small developments and refurbishment leading to the creation of affordable housing.

Some of this is released on the open market for sale, with the rest remaining within our own rental portfolio.


We are interested in the development of sites and delivery of wider regeneration projects. We lead regeneration projects including ESF operations.



Increasing demand for affordable housing has resulted in a lack of availability within traditional social housing options, and lower levels of support for those who need it. This has led to increased homelessness and is putting long term strain on public sector services.

When well managed and appropriately supported, we believe private rented housing has the potential to make a difference.

By creating more affordable housing and delivering high quality housing options, we can reduce homelessness, decrease tenant dependence on public sector services and improve both wellness and quality of life.

Existing Tenants And Neighbours: Reporting an issue, contacting us and giving feedback